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Queens Of Crime

Mar 21, 2018

On this episode of the Queens of Crime, you guys have questions – and lots of them! We’ll try to answer them and give you a better peek behind the world of true crime. 

-Have any of you made discoveries through your interviews that led to a reopening of a case?

-What was the case that brought you into the true crime world?

-You all have built a lot of great relationships with law enforcement and legal professionals over the years, and I wonder whom you admire for their expertise, attitude, and dedication?

-When you get together with your family (for a holiday or something of that nature), do they think what you do is interesting? Do they quiz you on any true crime cases, or do they think that you’re a little odd and pretend that you’re an accountant or something?

-How do you determine what makes a good show: are there specific elements that you try to identify in a case? Does it need to be well-known or best to be an obscure case?

-If you could have a guest role in a true crime or crime drama, which one would you pick and why?

-If I suspect a PI is following or looking into me, how can I evade them? Should I confront him/her?

-When are you guys going to release your own Queens of Crime wine?


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